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Monday, August 30, 2010

...BAD DAYS...

MY BAD 1:Today is my bad day...,,yaaa very bad..,,i hate everything was happen to me...its all hppen at sch,,huaaargghh..i'm fell like want to coming out my tears..,,serious lorhh..,,people says i have a bad attitude expecially TEACHER....yaa i now this month i'm very,,very,,very lazy 2 study...why ekhh??huhh my exam for this month is very dissappointed...,,wake up meeme!! i can do it..waiting for final exam..keep it up!!

MY BAD 2:huhh!!ader sa2 lg..i'm forget that...weyhh TUDUNG AQ!!....,,sper nk gnti nie,,sial an suh aq tulis kt dpn tgk da jdk perh ngn tdg aq...benggong!!memalukn tw uk,,,pas2 wt mker xbrslh...smer jerh laki bini..,,adooohh!!!

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